Why Use WordPress For Your Small Business Website

When running a small business, striking a balance between properly marketing it online and maintaining a reasonable budget can be tricky. Unlike larger companies, you probably don’t have the means to hire a team of website developers to create and maintain your online presence. A great, affordable alternative is to set up your own small… Read more »

Premium WordPress Themes for Small Business

One of the first things you have to decide when starting a small business website with WordPress is which theme you will use. While you’ll have immediate access to a comprehensive database of free themes when you first install this CMS, the fact of the matter is that a premium theme is much better for… Read more »

  • How to Protect Your Content Under the DMCA

    As a creator of digital content, you want to know your creations are protected from unfair copying and distribution. Unfortunately, the digital era has made it all too easy for anyone to redistribute content with just a few clicks. The “share and share alike” nature of social media makes plagiarism seem almost inevitable, but DMCA… Read more »

  • The Best WordPress Magazine Themes

    Today you can start your news website or your online magazine in seconds thanks to a myriad of free and premium themes. Talented template developers strive to deliver value of your money by producing quality themes that will deliver your content in an appealing manner for very little cost. From the WordPress directory itself, you can… Read more »

  • Stay Current with Web Design: 9 Resources to Build Skills

    It doesn’t take long for your skill set to become outdated in the ever-evolving world of web design. Whether you freelance or work for a design company, you need to stay on top of the changes in order to create the best possible websites for clients.


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