Hey, I’m a design student from Melbourne, Australia, and WP Simply Read is my first WordPress theme…or atleast the first I’ve developed start to finish.

I designed this as a way to teach myself about WordPress and the development process. It is far from perfect so I am looking forward to getting feedback and making it better over time.

If you like this theme and would like to talk about commercial theme development work please feel free to contact me.




Nicolas Ray

Hi, just wanted to say love this theme and was wondering if you are developing a paid version with more features. One question I would like to pose is, is there a way to omit a category from the front page slider? I have tried back dating my post but it just delays the sequence. It would be nice to only have lets say “featured” post on the front page. Other than that, perfect and every plugin works well with the theme. Looking forward to your reply.


Hi Nicolas, thanks, very glad you like the theme. I’ve no plans for a premium version right now. You can control what posts appear in the home page slider by using the core WordPress ‘sticky posts’ function.


Hi Alan, you’ll need to edit the post template to do this. That said, I’ve put this on the development list and will include the ability to turn this off in the next update.

Juan Jose


First excuse my English , it is very bad and I’m using Google Translate .

I ‘m in love with your theme , but I have a little problem with IE . Text appears on the front page of unformatted .

Is there anything I can do to fix it?


Using this theme on my personal website… I LOVE it. Fantastic work. I’ve received so many compliments on the clean lines and overall refined look of the site. Thank you so much for your wonderful work. Looking forward to more from you!

Mark D

Love the theme, looks great for my use. The only problem I’m having is that in IE 11 on Windows 8, -ms-word-break and -ms-work-wrap are set to break-all which breaks a word in the middle, making it impossible to read. How can I fix this? The css says it can’t from http://www.newnet-soft.com/blog/csstypography but I don’t know WP and am not sure how to fix this. Any input?


Hi Phillip,
I’ve just activated your theme – I love it! Everything is working really well, except the images in the slider are all zoomed in and I can’t figure out how to fix it. Any ideas?
Thalia 🙂


Hello Phillip ! Wanted to say I love this theme and how it is set up. This is my first time working with a site or wordpress and as I am new, I’m not quite sure how to work it. What size pixels would you need to set an image to for the set featured image in the home page slider ? All my images are too large or too small and I don’t know how to re-adjust them ? Help !

Peter Hoogstraaten

Hi, I am testing with your theme, looks very nice. Could it be that the ’email’ link adds http:// while it should add mailto: ?

Kind regards,


Thanks for the theme contribution. It nice and clean. I request you to publish a documentation also for non-techie users. I want to use bbpress and buddypress also in the same theme. When I had installed Buddypress search box was not aligned with the grey colour stripe below the menu bar.

Krishnakumar K A


Hej Phillip!

Love your theme! I still am battling a bit how to make the slider look beautiful as I had a lot of posts with pics with poor quality… but time will tell if I find good pictures to substitute them 😉
Only thing I noticed so far not properly working is the social media icon for the e-mail address… instead of opening outlook, it redirects me to my page. I tried it on the page of Nicolas (who commented above) and there it directed me to my gmail-inbox… not sure how to fix this 🙂

Anyways, thanks for this great template!

Lucia Vaquero


I just downloaded and I find it pretty nice for my 1st blog ever. It’s a personal blog, about photography and motherhood. Do you have some theme documentation so I can look into shortcodes and other stuff to personalize my site a bit?



Hi Phillip,

I’m using your theme but want to tweak it, so I’m creating a child theme. I’m very new to all wordpress and website creation. I’m following wpbeginner’s instructions on how to create a child theme and yours seems to be copying well at all: it’s all distorted and looks like it’s not charging the same unchanged features from the parent theme to the child (eventhough I haven’t changed anything yet, neither the parent nor the child) Any experience/light that you can through at me on whether your theme is ready to “have children”?

Gray Poehm

Hello Phillip, I would like to say that your theme is great! It is simple, clear, useful and just performs wonderful. Congrats & keep on with your great work!


Hey Phillip, I really like your theme, nice job.
Nicolas’s question was very interesting, thank you very much for answering !
I had a question as well : is there a way to adapt the images to the front page slider ? My pictures looks awful in the slider (they have different shapes). Do you know how I could fix that ?
Thanks from France 😉


Hi Mathilde, best is to crop your featured images to right around 1200×500.


Hi Philipp
I’m french so…I don’t speak english very well and sorry for that! 😉
I love your theme and i would like to install it in my blog but i have a probleme with the images of the slider. I tried different sizes but the result does not please me because they are completely deformed . Could you tell me what is the exact size we should use ?
Thank you for your work …


i love the clean minimal style of this theme. It is by far one of the best around. I particularly like the ease of initial setup. Looks fantastic on mobile devices as well. I have google analytics on every page but I wish jet pack worked with this theme. Is it not compatible or am I doing something wrong?

Thank you!


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