Having a photo gallery as a part of your WordPress-powered website is essential for webmasters from all different types of industries. If you’re using your website as a part of a portfolio for any type of business, then having the right photo gallery plug-in could be the difference between getting a client and not. Along these lines, we have recommendations for the top three photo gallery plug-ins available today. While all three of these plug-ins are amazing in their own right, they also have key differences that you should pay attention to so that you’re able to pick out the plug-in that will work best for you.

NextGEN Gallery

For photographers, NextGen Gallery might be the best plug-in out there today for displaying photos. The style can be set from a traditional portfolio is a more seamless version that is very similar to Pinterest which increases browsing times and site interaction. A watermark function is automatically included in this plug-in which will save you time while protecting your photos. With a full array of slideshow and lightbox functions, you’ll be able to really make your photos shine. What’s more is that they have a paid version that includes eCommerce for people who want to sell their photos online and have a complete solution in one place.

WP Canvas – Gallery

For webmasters who are getting into SEO, site speed is one of the top things that search engines are looking for today, and the WP Canvas – Gallery plug-in’s primary feature is that it’s very fast. Photos are displayed in a way that optimizes their appearance without hogging resources, and this plug-in has multiple options for sliders and thumbnail galleries to make navigation easy. For the general webmaster who is looking for a solid plug-in that’s easy to set up, this is probably the best free option.

Web Dorado’s Photo Gallery

Two things make this photo gallery plug-in stand out. First, it’s optimized for mobile devices like smartphones and tablets with its advanced responsive layout. Second, social media sharing is integrated right into the plug-in, so you don’t have to add anything else to your WordPress-powered website to make it simple for your readers to share your photos on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms. To help maximize your brand exposure, this plug-in also has a watermark option that can be set automatically or manually. This collection of features make Web Dorado’s Photo Gallery plug-in best for webmasters who are looking to build exposure through social media sharing.

Written by Phillip