Using a contact form plug-in can make it easy to get feedback and other information from your readers without needing any amount of technical knowledge. We have three suggestions for you here for the best contact form plug-ins that WordPress has to offer. While they all perform more or less the same function, they have slightly different features that will appeal to different groups of WordPress webmasters.

Fast Secure Contact Form

The main features of this plug-in are that it has comprehensive spam protection along with a moderate level of customization. The spam protection comes from a combination of CAPTCHA support and an interface with Akismet. Because Akismet comes pre-installed with WordPress and is really easy to set up, there aren’t really any extra steps involved in getting this high level of spam protection.

This plug-in is probably best for people who want a fair amount of customization without feeling like they have too many options to choose from when it comes to layouts.

Custom Contact Forms

The spam protection in Custom Contact Forms is a bit different. While it offers CAPTCHA support, it also allows you to interface with the Are You Human platform which has been proven to be extremely effective at stopping automated queries from spam bots without being inconvenient to your users.

The main benefit of using Custom Contact Forms is the high level of customization that’s achieved through an intuitive drag-and-drop platform. You can really just build your form visually, add the email you want it to be connected to and be done within just a few minutes. This is great for people who are really wanting a professional or detailed form.

Contact Form 7

If you’re looking for a quick, easy and simple fix, then Contact Form 7 is likely to be your best bet. While it doesn’t have the high level of customization that Custom Contact Forms offers, it doesn’t need to because it’s all about giving webmasters a simple solution that just works. For spam protection, you can connect this plug-in with Akismet and a CAPTCHA.


Of these three top WordPress contact form plug-ins, Contact Form 7 is probably the easiest to get started with because you can be done with it in just a few minutes and have a good-looking result that works well. However, if you want something more advanced, then go with Custom Contact Forms and its ultra-high level of customization. For something in the middle, go with Fast Secure Contact Form.

Written by Phillip