One of the first things you have to decide when starting a small business website with WordPress is which theme you will use. While you’ll have immediate access to a comprehensive database of free themes when you first install this CMS, the fact of the matter is that a premium theme is much better for a small business.

The main drawback to using a custom theme like this is that it costs money, but it can be a serious investment that helps your business grow in the long run. Though the only real disadvantage is the cost, you’ll find that paying this cost gives you the edge in plenty of ways that more than make up for it.

Business Optimization vs. Visual Optimization

From the point of view of a web designer, putting together a free theme is all about trying to get exposure by creating a website template that’s very visually pleasing. While this is great in and of itself, small business owners also need their theme to be optimized for driving leads that turn into real customers. This is the whole point of having a website for a small business, and it’s one of the reasons why premium WordPress themes are a must no matter what type of industry you’re in. Free themes cannot compare on this point.

Safety Concerns and Security

WordPress themes have to be updated regularly to account for the latest changes in the WordPress framework. If the themes aren’t updated, then your site can easily become the target of hackers and other people who would use vulnerabilities to deface or take over your site.

Free themes can be used by thousands of websites, and a vulnerability on a large scale is a prime target for people who would want to compromise the security of your site. When you use a premium theme instead, you put yourself in a position to be a hard target because security vulnerabilities won’t be as well-known or publicized. This means you’ll have more time to update and less of a chance of someone attacking your WordPress site.

Make Yourself Stand Out

With a premium WordPress theme, you’re going to have a layout on your site that isn’t shared by hundreds or thousands of other people. The point here is that you’re not going to look like the competition, and this will make you stand out. Looking like everyone else is a good way to be easily forgotten, but when you stand out with an impressive theme that really shows your audience something different, then you’ll be much more likely to convert them into paying customers.

Written by Phillip